You can still invest with small capital even though the funds are limited

Want to start investing but don’t have much money? Relax, now there are lots of investment instruments that can be started even though the capital you have is minimal. Starting an investment is not easy for some people, just like people who want to learn to swim, usually people who want to learn to swim will enter a pool that is not that deep first. It’s the same as starting investing, lucky to start with this you can just invest from a small nominal so that even if you lose it won’t be a big problem because the nominal is small, oh yes because it starts with a small nominal, if you want to calculate the losses and profits it’s pointless percentage yes, not with specific numbers because later it will be subjective, therefore, you can start by finding a variety of more detailed information on our website

The first is mutual funds, mutual fund investing is arguably the easiest investment, because you don’t need to bother thinking about how to do it, you just need to open a mutual fund investment account, choose mutual fund products and make purchases, then the investment manager will help you manage your money, but You have to be careful in choosing the right investment manager. Second, it’s a peer to peer lending investment, this is very suitable for beginners but if you try to pay attention to the platform, whether the OJK has supervised it or not, this investment is very easy because you just need to open an account online for free, later we will transfer some money and look for business or businesses that want to be funded, the amount of funds used for this initial peer to peer lending investment varies widely.

Next is saving stocks, an investment choice that is suitable for beginners is stocked, saving stocks means that you buy stocks regularly, for example, buying shares of your company every month, but not all stock products you can save. There are several company criteria that you can save, if you want to buy shares, the minimum purchase is 1 lot, the price of each company is different.